Yvette Kirkland

The first 30 days on the market are arguably the most important days in determining the sale of a home. When a new house hits the market, Realtor’s eagerly call their client base to notify them of the property which may fit their needs. As a result, heavier buyer traffic can be expected during the first days on the market. If you are serious about selling your home, it is vital that the home is prepared to show at its best from the minute it hits the market.

Some people try to ‘casually’ enter the market, and fail to stage to sale. This ‘casual’ entrance to market may leave the home feeling cluttered and too ‘lived-in’ for potential buyers. Unfortunately, for many sellers, it takes months of showings before they finally understand that it is time to de-clutter and make the home ready for new owners.

The key to selling is to stage a home so that other’s can envision themselves in the space. Many buyers do not have an eye for seeing past clutter or ‘unique’ personal decor preferences. Instead, buyers enjoy seeing cleaned out closets and cabinets, clear surface areas, and spacious furniture placements. Often this requires the seller to rent a storage unit for a time and store extra furniture and personal decor until the sale of the home. For those serious about selling, this extra step is important for realizing the homes maximum resale value, and having the best odds of a shorter sale cycle. Before you place the “for sale sign’ ask a Realtor to be honest with you and tell you (from their perspective) what should stay, and what should go. Coldwell Banker Properties unlimited assists our clients with home staging and showing advice. Contact us today for a home evaluation. 979-830-0011.