Here’s this week’s real estate trivia! Enjoy!

What kind of home construction is considered to be the safest in seismic areas?
Straw-bale homes in seismic zones have proven resilient enough to withstand the shock of earthquakes.

Which estate has two pools–one of the east side for the morning sun and one on the west for afternoon enjoyment?
The former estate of John Lennon in Palm Beach has two pools plus guest quarters.

What holds the title as the tallest reinforced concrete building in the US?
311 South Wacker Drive in Chicago was completed in 1990 and 65 stories high.

What are the characteristics of classic Queen Anne architecture?
Queen Anne homes are the most elaborate, romantic, and feminine of all Victorian Homes.

Which metropolitan area in America currently offers the most affordable market in which to buy new homes?
The housing market in Youngstown, Warren and Boardman, Ohio is currently the most affordable metro area in the US.

What real estate term was first used in the 19th century and means “a high-flying flag on a ship”?
Skyscraper was first used in the 1880s when office buildings of 10 stories or more were built in Chicago and New York

What was the world’s highest viewing platform before the opening of the Empire State Building in 1939?
The Eiffel Tower, built between 1887-1889, was for 42 years the highest viewing platform in a man-made structure.

During what months of the year do most people move from one home to another?
Most moves occur between the months of May and September.

What building has been named the 21st Century Townhouse project?
4 townhouses in Bowie, MD made of giant foam/board panels, concrete/Styrofoam block frames, steel, and aerated concrete.

Where would you go to visit the largest ancient castle in the world?
You would travel to Prague, Czech Republic, to see the Prague Castle, built in the 9th century, with a total surface area of 18 miles.