There are many variables to completing a successful sales transaction, and anyone who has bought or sold property knows they need a seasoned agent on their side. Here are a few things to consider when preparing to sell, and a few reasons we think listing with Coldwell Banker Properties Unlimited is the most advantage option for sellers.

Anyone can put a sign up, but consider the audience that will view your property. In this case, bigger is better.

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In our office, we continually stress to our clients to think bigger than the local market. Texas is one of the hottest markets in the US, thanks to the strong job economy.

Our region is  sought-after for a variety of reasons; there are many global investors looking at this area, as well as families and retirees from across the US.


It’s important to realize that people use all sorts of search engines to locate real estate in our area. Recently, the online search engines have exploded, and many traditional sites have struggled to keep up.

That’s why properties listed with Coldwell Banker rank the highest in online search.


You see, we don’t just list to our own MLS, we actually push your listings to multiple MLS sites world-wide. In addition, Coldwell Banker has more international offices than any other real estate brand.

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Why should this matter to sellers?


It comes down to three things: Numbers, Visibility & Experience. 

NUMBERS: Coldwell Banker listings are viewed by a bigger global audience.

VISIBILITY: Coldwell Banker is ranked #1 in CLOUT. This is the metric used to measure online social engagement.  This means we have more Facebook ‘Likes”; YouTube views; Pinterest re-pins; Twitter Handles, Television Commercials and online media campaigns than any other real estate brand. (Forbes Magazine 2015)

EXPERIENCE: It’s important to list with agents who know this area, but it’s also important to list with a reputable company who has over 100 years of experience and brand power.

We have resources to market your property that individual offices simply do not have. We have the biggest brand and the most innovative online tools of any other brand.

We have the power to market you to a bigger global audience than any other agency. It’s that simple. In this case, hometown service coupled with world-wide reach is something no other agency can offer.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

It’s critical that you as the seller understand the questions to ask when interviewing a potential Broker or Agent. Take a look at this report to see where Coldwell Banker Properties Unlimited actually pays to ‘push’ your listings. Make sure you ask your potential agent for a report that shows all the MLS sites your listing will be published to.

MLS Screen Shot

What’s the Payoff?

Take a look at this cross section of tours. We have shown a commercial office, land, and some residential homes in this example. This shows the exact number of visits each property receives on a daily basis. These numbers are big for our area. Make sure your potential agent can show you in real-time what your property views are. If they can’t – or if the numbers aren’t robust – move on. More views means faster turn-around and a higher sales price.

Tour Summary

Social Media Matters

Love it, or hate it – Social Media Matters. So, we choose to embrace it . . . in a BIG way. Check out the stats below. These are all the regional real estate offices as ranked by Facebook Engagement for ONE WEEK.

We pay a team of social media experts to engage an online audience and create dialogue about each property listed.

Although this is an added expense to us, we believe it’s absolutely worth it as evidence by the online feedback and sales leads we generate as a result of these efforts.

Coldwell FB Rankings